Magic Mirror Notion Integration

Notion Integration

Step 1:

Create a new mirror module by following the steps laid out in this template:

Step 2:

Get you API key from your Notion account by visiting and follow the guide.

Step 3:

You can now add the fetch request into you module. Notion provides a javascript SDK that can be used to perform actions on the API however during my brief testing period I was unsuccessul in getting it to working withing the Magic Mirror.

Step 4:

Integrating Google Assistant 😃

  1. Select Notion(beta) and grant IFTTT access to your list of choice from with Notion. Save the Applet and try adding a notion entry via Google Assistant. Below is a video tutorial:
  1. Select Webhook. Head over to Integromat and create an account. Integromat will enable you to create a webhook that you will use in the IFTTT webhook url section. Below is a video tutorial:


The smart mirror is a simple project that can easily satisfy one’s DIY tech builder ich. Its highly customizable and its great fun to explore the various modules and uses cases.



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